Saturday, June 6, 2009

Caliente, Porch, Goat Cheese

Meet red Caliente, and her wethers Cubby, and Boones. They moved from West Virginia to our house today. Their breeder, Bob at Country Bumpkins, tattooed their ears yesterday and I think the green ink is supposed to disappear in a couple of weeks. Bob met another gal, from Maryland at 4AM, who was traveling to Kids Corral in Marion, NC to pickup some goats so she brought our three. Thank you Bob for making the transfer in the middle of the night! while we slept.

We're up to 15 goats now which includes three wethers and six kids. I guess we will breed a few, we have invested in good stock, but the primary interest is as pets and the goats milk (which you have to breed the does to get milk). I started out just wanting a couple of does for the milk now look at us. :-)

Cubby, Boones, Caliente

As we traveled to Kids Corral in Marion, NC this morning, we saw a campground park, I took some photo's because I want to show Contractor BIL this porch, we want something like this for our RV.

This afternoon, I attempted my second batch of goat cheese. Click on that link, I like the directions better than the one on my first try. And I didn't want to use rennet but wanted to use apple-cider vinegar as the separator.

Separating, getting the whey on top. The leftover whey can be used to water your plants, cooks beans, etc.

I mixed in a little orange marmalade. Wish I had a few cranberries to add in. Would have been thicker if I had let it drain longer, but was anxious to try it, turned out pretty good. At our High Country Farmers Market, one of my friends sells several flavors of soft goat cheese, savory and sweet ones, all are just delicious.


Nancy K. said...

The little wether, next to Caliente, has a HEART on his forehead!!
TOO cute!!

Christy said...

Such beautiful goats! You have quite a herd now. I may have to get a red baby from you someday. They are so pretty.

Christy said...

Your cheese looks good. I think next time I will go for a softer cheese. Like I said, mine was pretty crumbly and not smooth. It was a harder cheese though.

Mom L said...

More goats! More goats! I like the ramp leading to the porch - I'm sure you'll ask BIL to include that to make it easier for baby goats to visit you in the RV. Your goat cheese looks delicious - I have still never had any! One of these days....

Nancy in Atlanta (goatless)

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to make cheese of any sort but I can't get my hands on the right kind of milk. It looks fantastic!

Jennifer said...

Nice looking goats! They are so cute with their green ears. That will wear off but in the mean time they get it everywhere! LOL

The cheese looks delicious!