Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guinea Pig G-Force and Gravel

G-Force, an upcoming movie, I could care less about the storyline, just love seeing the darling guinea pigs. As a young girl, I had the best guinea pig that ever lived - Chippy.

YEAH! Here comes the gravel truck. Don't run over my daylillies.

First load down, Mike raking and Nephew Jeremy pushing with the tractor.

If you had been wallowing in the mud for the last few months like I have, you'd be blogging about gravel too. And guess how much $$$ gravel we got? $920 worth. Do you have any idea how $920 affects our budget? a huge chunk but we oh so needed the gravel. It'll be taters, beans, eggs, and goats milk for a long while.

Nephew Jeremy and Mike take a break.

Nephews Demetre and Daniel were supervising from the 4wheeler.

Got a fire going again.

What's all the commotion?

Jeremy tries to give SugarPop a cracker.
Looks so much better around now, and not sinking in mud when we walk. Have I mentioned that it has rained here for months? I have? Several times now? Ok, but I want it to stop already.


Christy said...

Congrats on the gravel! We need a load of it here too, but haven't been ready to invest the money yet.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Gravel is ALWAYS blog worthy!!!

Mom L said...

Way to go - you just keep on working and improving your home, don't you? I'm so glad family can help.

Don't burn too many goat climbing toys!!

Nancy (still in Atlanta)

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Excitment is big boy toys and gravel trucks........more rain, ugh!!!...it's put me in a rainy day FUNK.....even quilting didn't help!!

Enjoy being mud=free....LindaMay

sugarcreekstuff said...

We didn't need to get quite as much gravel as you but had to get some this year, so much mud gets old fast.
Love the cute kid pics.

Southern Comfort said...

You are going to be so glad that you bought that gravel. That is a worthy investment. We add another load every 5 or 6 years ourselves. Money well spent.

Flartus said...

I'm sure you do need that gravel. Every time I see rain up in Boone County, I think of you! And you've been getting lots more than we have down here, where we've been getting just this side of too much. When we get a break, you get...RAIN!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Gravel! We're envious.

And our first 'married' pet was a guinea pig named Ethyl-Boy (don't ask). Cute and spoiled rotten, of course.

Enjoy NO mud! The ground's about to float away here....


Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

Seems everyone's been having lots of rain. We're not too wet here though, thank goodness. We're just right.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled onto your blog-and greatly enjoyed my visit. I live in western NC but farther south than you and we haven't been getting that much rain-wish you could push some my way : )