Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guinea Coop, GoatCheese, etc

The guinea keets will be moving from the brooder soon and Mike is making them some new digs over on the buck side of the barn.

I always fold onions into hamburger patties and now spread on some of my homemade goat cheese. Mike is the hamburger connaisseur, I don't have a palette for meat, he loved it.

forgot to take a photo of the cooked hamburger
now cucumbers are more down my alley, can't wait until these are ready

We rode the riding lawn mower (our ATV), around the 30 acres, the birdseye view of our home.

Back down at the buck pen, they can see inlaws house.

Funny, Mike and I sat in the red chairs, we walked away and I turned back and Boones and Cahoot were already in the chairs.

Our Farmers Market got a new sign

Demand the Freedom to Choose Your Own Food

this guy, an student at ASU, always buys our eggs. The students run the farm and sell various vegetables.

these girls make and sell jewelry


Flartus said...

Boones & Cahoots were thinking, "Mmmm, warm..."

Hey, that cucumber growing contraption looks fascinating. Can you show us more??

Can't wait to see the guineas outside in their new digs.

Anonymous said...

The guineas will like their new digs! I enjoy our guineas so much. I love how they cackle when anyone comes down the driveway. They are excellent watch guineas, bug catchers, and entertainment.

That is funny about your ATV lawn mower because we have one of those too! FarmMan even made a little wooden back seat/carrier on it.

Love the new Farmer Market sign.
Have a great day.

Country Girl said...

The farmers markets looks like lots of fun. I love going and will stop by one on my way home tonight.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your farmer's market looks awesome - I'm so envious! The goats on the chairs - hilarious :-D.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Boones and Cahoot catch on quick, don't they. So cute!
Lots of happy faces at the market, too. "Beyond Organic"...I love it!

What a useful and clever idea to use a livestock feeder to grow your cukes. I've got to try that idea myself!


ps. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Joanna. You mentioned that you were probably too high up in elevation to grow peaches.....

What elevation are you? We're at 7,000 ft in the mountains. As you can see we get peaches, but it all depends upon how late we get a freeze or snow. Last year...no peaches, because it snowed and hailed in late May and early June. This year was a mild winter...and LOTS of peaches :)