Sunday, November 8, 2009

the dogs have a fenced backyard

If you are the type of cook who uses a lot of apple-cider vinegar when you are cooking, please invite me over. Today, I made a bean/pea/carrot thing with equal parts apple-cider vinegar and sugar/Splenda, a few dashes of celery seed, with kidney beans, butter beans, black-eyed peas, and chopped carrots.

Mike now say he likes turkey dogs. I lightly sauteed some in oil, mustard, and onions and served 'em up with baked beans.

If you want a photo challenge, try shooting guinea's, a tough assignment.

Here is a video from this morning.

This evening we got the fence done. Bliss and Henry look out. We recycled these old cattle panels we found in the shed, and attached some wire fencing to them.

Brawn looking towards our driveway.

Irish Terriers, Brawn and Bliss looking towards the barn.

Now, they don't have to stay in the dog kennel during the day. They can run from the heated sunroom, through the doggie door, to their fenced yard.

If there is any possible way out, Blissi will find it.


The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

Just stopping by to say thank you for your kind words and happy birthday wishes, Joanna! I truly appreciate it. :-)


Melodie said...

It is so nice to have a doggie door and fence.It gives you peace of mind that your dogs are safe and everything else is safe from them.I love doggie doors,I think one of our dogs has an overactive bladder or she had a bet with the other dog on how many times a day she could make me let her in and out!Now she can come and go when ever she has the urge and I can actually do something else besides be her doorman!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Such a clever way of creating fencing on such a steep slope. Must have been a real challenge, but it sure looks great! Your pooches are seriously cute!

And I want to try that bean/veggie salad. It sounds so easy and delicious and very healthy!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And I forgot add that I just adore your sweet, syrupy voice. I swear I could sit and listen to you talk all gosh darn day. I'd get nothing done, but I'm sure my blood pressure would be lower because of it. :)


John Gray said...

thanks for the guinea fowl pic....hope my 6 turn out happy and healthy as yours!!!

the irish terriers are amazing and so long legged....never really see them over here!!!

Flartus said...

Wow, your temperatures are so different than ours down here in the flatlands! We've been in the 70s the last couple of days.

I miss having chickens around to eat all the random stuff that doesn't go into the compost and the dog's not interested in.

Kudos on getting the doggie area done; now can you come build Rosie a fence??

Anonymous said...

I also live on a slope. It is not as steep as the one you live on. I understand the challenges of living on a hill side. I love visiting your blog and viewing the video's. Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I love your videos!!! It is just like talking to folks around here.

That Franklin is a talker too.

I also understand about getting ready for winter. Even though we are far south we still get some cold weather now and then.
You all are really getting stuff done around there. It will all come together before you know it.
Have a great day.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Joanna, thank you so much for reading my blog and your nice comments! They really make my day :)

Love your bean/pea/carrot thing -LOL! It sounds yummy!

Your dogs are so cute - they remind me of Boyd's Teddy bears!

Ruralrose said...

adored your video, you have a great place, first time visitor from "going gently" - peace for all