Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from BooneDocksWilcox

Every once in a while with my camera, I'm in the right place at the right time.
Franklin and two of his girls, Sally and Franny

I love my pet turkeys so much, and yet I come inside and make some turkey rolls - stuffing inside, a slice of turkey, rolled in a slice of turkey/bacon.

Blissi and I went for a walk at the Old Cove Creek School.

Blissi checks out the Watauga River.

Have you ever heard of Doc Watson? He's a living legend 'round here.

Yeah, I heard from my public-sector boss, he emailed a note:
While the unauthorized picture taking was regrettable, you should have sent this email to John so he knew what your status was. I left the office on Monday in tears, sent him a detailed summary of what happened, what my doctor said and wrote, but sounds like he was puzzled like I may have hopped a cruise ship.
On a brighter note, good night my dear girls.


Alix said...


But. Um. What do you mean "his girls Sally and Franny?"

He has girlfriends? Mistresses? Ladies of the evening?


Franklin! Say it isn't so!

You're mine! Mine, I say! All mine!

{dialing Guido the butcher}

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love Franklin and "the girls"....!!

I enjoy watching the "wild Ones" that stroll thru our 12 acares(sp).


Jennifer said...

I LOVE that picture, it really would be a great Thanksgiving Day Postcard! Sorry to hear things are not going great at work, it can certainly be aggravating and frustrating when co-workers just don't get it.

Melodie said...

You get such good pictures! The turkeys look like something from a magazine,they are gorgeous!

That old school has held up beautifully.Do they still use it?

Even your goatie girls seem to be posing for you to take their pictures.

It is a shame about your boss.If it had been his wife or daughter his attitude would probably be different.

It looks like you had a nice walk.It is truly beautiful where you live!

Peggy said...

Sweet Franklin is a handsome dude. Enjoyed the walk photos. Am so sorry about the work problem and your boss. have a blessed weekend

Flartus said...

Ah, Franklin...does he know what a lucky turkey he is? Next thing I expect to see is a picture of him on a leash, walking by the river, lol!

I hope you keep up the emotional fortitude to be able to pursue the picture-taking issue to a satisfying conclusion. Looks like there are some hoops to be jumped through, though. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to follow all the appropriate steps just to cover your you-know-what!

Glad you're welcoming us back into your corner of the world--'cause it's such a beautiful corner!

wv: resest: combination of rest & reset--just what you need!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your Turkey Thanksgiving photo is adorable! I love it....but that turkey roll runs a close second! Yummo!

The trio of goats lined up reminds me of a drum set-up. hehe!