Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Blessed Thanksgiving Day

We're stuffed! 'Cause I whipped up some good Thanksgiving vittles today - pork tenderloin wrapped in turkey-bacon, potato salad (secret ingredient, fresh eggs from the girls), and cinnamon-apple-cranberry sauce. I've also got some Sweet Potato Pie topped with some mascarpone cheese for later.

Here in the NC Appalachians, Our local weatherman says - A cold front is moving across the region today. In its wake, expect sharply colder temperatures, gusty winds, and even a bit of wintry precipitation.
While I was working in the kitchen, Mike was winterizing the chicken/turkey/guinea bedrooms. We had a big meal with the Wilcox clan on the Sunday before Thanksgiving because Mike's folks like to go spend the actual holiday relaxing at their Myrtle Beach house.

Mike and I love every minute that we can spend here on our little 30-acre hobby farm.

Cali was out enjoying herself today.

Blue-eyed June was watching the crazy guinea's.

The excited guinea's wondering what to do on their first Thanksgiving.

Getting back to the pork tenderloin, I lined the bottom of the pan with turkey-bacon, added in two pork tenderloins, made a honey-mustard sauce, poured that on,

then, I also topped it all with more turkey-bacon. 350 degrees for 70 minutes. You may be wondering why I'm not using a roasting pan, I bought one, but it wouldn't fit in my tiny gas oven, so nevermind.

my, oh my, and I wish you could've tasted that bacon after it roasted in the honey-mustard sauce.
And come on gang, vote for Suzanne, just takes a second of your time, and she really needs this paying job. Her daily blog is best; she puts so much work into it for us to enjoy.


John Gray said...

happy holidays!!!!

love the smiling goat!!!
will pick your brains soon regarding the my new guinea fowl!!

Melodie said...

Wow! You all had a wonderful feast!I hope your whole day was just as wonderful.

Yes,Hubby is still in China,but will be home in a week until after Christmas.YEAH!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

When i left the mountain park today@ 5:00pm .... it was snowing!!!

We're doing turkey day on Saturday, cause both Cityboy and i had to work today......

Relax and Enjoy....LindaMay

Alix said...

Cali is SMILING!!!

She must have seen your Thanksgiving food photos. They made me smile too!

PS: Isn't turkey bacon the greatest? Turkey sausage is a close second!

Flartus said...

Looks like you had a yummy feast--I think those guineas were nervous somebody might mistake them for turkeys! Was the yellow color of your tater salad from those fresh eggs?

We're under a freeze advisory tonight; time to bring in some houseplants. Stay warm!

Mom L said...

And yet the sun is shining here in SW Iowa!!! Had a great TG at my daughter's house, holding my new grandson. I really like pork tenderloin, but until now have only cooked it in the crockpot. Yours looks wonderful, so I'll have to try that sometime!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm still groaning from our own Thanksgiving dinner spent with friends. I ate way too much, but enjoyed every bite. mmm!
Your pork tenderloin and turkey bacon meal looks so good, that I think I would love it if you could set a place for me to join you. yummo!

That little turkey square is adorable! Did you make it?

Yes, you are truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for. Your animal family all look so content and obvioulsy enjoy having your around the farm, too.


Peggy said...

We ate way too much but yours looks yummy! Have a great holiday season.