Saturday, November 21, 2009

vote for Suzanne's Chickens in the Road

Besides raising three teenagers in the hills of WV, she has an assortment of mostly rescued dogs, cats, and farm animals, a gal after my own heart. She shares recipes, tips on being frugal, the joys of life, ah heck, just go to her blog and see for yourself.

click here for Chickens in the Road blog

click here to vote for Suzanne

She needs the paying job. I and many, many readers really enjoy going to her blog everyday.


Alix said...

What an artsy fun video! I love it! Need to go to Suzanne's blog and check her out! Thanks for the tip, Joanna!


Mom L said...

Alix - you will love Suzanne's blog.

Joanna - you show those ignorant males how to behave!!! I wish you a good, unstressful day tomorrow.

Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

I am heading over there now, Joanna. I loved the video and I am 100% into helping someone that gives of themselves as Suzanne has.

I hope you have a peaceful day, Joanna.

John Gray said...

loved it

Mom L said...

I vote for Suzanne every day - good of you to post her video. Wishing you, Mike, your families and all the critters a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Nancy in Iowa