Sunday, November 15, 2009

old photo's, gruyere, weekend project

I was cleaning out a desk drawer and found this photo that I took of Mike and Big Shadow, must of been early 1990's. I showed it to Mike and said, "I want this young, lean guy back" :) [Actually, Mike was riding here, in the riding ring, where we're living now. At the time, and for many years, we lived across the county. Wild, that we eventually moved here.]

He picked up this photo and said, "I'll take her back." :) No fair, that's going back 35 years! to 1974, I'm a senior in high school. Look how short that dress was, I am really surprised that my southern conservative Daddy let me out of the house looking like that, I really am. Leaning against a tree was appropriate though, I always loved the woods over the classroom.

Brawn and Bliss looking over at the goats on the hill.

Emergency Flu Mask. that photo was emailed to me.

Today, Mike got a couple of gruyere cheese/sliced ham/turkey bacon sandwiches.

Then, I topped some broccoli with gruyere but if you want to see the real deal, go to Kathy's at Noble Pig for the Broccoli Gruyere Gratin

Last weekend's project was the dog fencing. This weekend, windbreaks on each end of the barn for the goats. I don't like making the barn dark inside so I (I'm the brains and the bliss, and Mike is the brawn) bought some rolls of thick plastic. Some might say our old barn is looking more like a greenhouse than a barn but I do like to take advantage of the sun. We've only lived here for a few months, we need to do several winterizing projects, and I'm always trying to stretch a dollar (I'm also the accountant).

I forgot that the goats sometimes pick at plastic, but so far so good, this is a little thicker than the usual stuff, hopefully they'll leave it alone.

Hinged doors also close so we can batton the hatches when the winter winds start howling up here in the NC Appalachians.
As you can see, Purkey is still with us. We've had two excellent weather weekends in a row. I also want to hang that thick plastic all around the poultry coop and we'd like to enlarge the coop to include the 26 guinea's but we'll see if we have the time, money, and good weather to get it done.


Anonymous said...

You're so pretty!

And I love the way goats sit in chairs, or wherever else they see fit! LOL

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whooohooo! Look at you! What a little hottie you were. I don't think I've ever worn a dress that short, even when I was a skinny minnie. lol!
And your hubby. Wow. It's o weird to look at those old photos and see ourselves when we were younger. We change so much as we age, don't we?
Was that his horse? Beautiful!

I love the idea of the plastic. Where did ya get it? Hardware store?
I could never use it in my barn. My goats would eat it right up. They try to nibble and eat my clothes, my hat and anything they can get their mouths on.
But I love the idea of the plastic for the chicken coop! They could spend more time outside that way.

It snowed last night and ou temps are down the low 20's and with the windchill, much colder. None of my chickens wanted to come outside this morning. They insisted on being fed inside their house. lol!

The meal looked yummy, except the cheese. I don't do cheese. I know I'm weird. But bring on the turkey, bacon and broccoli. yummy!


Anonymous said...

Love the goats! I am so jealous that you live in the mountains! That's our goal one day. Love your blog.

Melodie said...

Love the old pictures!Classic rugged man and beautiful young woman!
All the cheesy food looked yummy.

I can't believe no one has eaten Purkey!Has he been in hiding?

I agree with Terri.I am so jealous you live in the mountains, that is my dream!Maybe when Hubby retires..

John Gray said...

emergency flu mask...a touch scary!!!

Nezzy said...

The emergency mask just cracked this Ozarks farm chick up. Thanks I needed a good laugh right now. I enjoyed your post.

As we say down here in the hills and hollers, "Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!"

Jennifer said...

What breed of horse is that? Sure is pretty! The picture of you is too! I wish my goats would leave plastic alone like that, they even tear tarps up eventually around here.