Friday, January 16, 2009

for you lamb lovers

I like to window shop at ETSY
at the ETSY search, type in LAMB

The front is a panel and the border is pieced. Machine quilted, machine washable. Mainly green but has an assortment of colors. Cute little lambs. Size 45x53. $60
(I don't know the person who made it, just thought the quilt was nice, I'd like to hang it on the wall.)


Laughing Orca Ranch said... precious. Lovely things on Etsy....I'm afraid to spend much time (or money) perusing Etsy, though! gah!


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I love the colors. I thought the triangles around the perimeter were solid colors, the more I looked, the more I saw the patterns. Very nice.

Deb said...

I love it! I have never shopped on Etsy - just wouldn't be able to resist anything "sheepy" :)

Sharon said...

That is really beautiful. I enjoy window shopping Etsy too, there are some talented ladies out there.

Thanks for your prayers this week :)

LDF said...

Oh, that is pretty! I'm looking for ideas for a quilt for a soon-to-be new arrival. I'm thinking I'll have to go to the Big City Fabric Store soon (we don't have one in our town anymore). Maybe I should just check out Etsy and save myself a bunch of effort!