Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BlueRidgeBlog, Keen Boots & Soap Molds

Isn't that photo a beaut? BlueRidgeBlog by Marie, she is certainly one of my favorite photographers and she is local. This pic was taken in Watauga County, in the Valle Crucis community not far from where I live in the MeatCamp community.


If you gals want a great boot, waterproof, good tread, and ankle support, this is the one for me.
Keen Palermo Boot
I broke [shattered] my ankle in July '08, DO NOT leave the house wearing CROCS, so I needed all of the above. I started with a black pair and now have this brown pair. Zipper on the inside.


I want to start gathering supplies to make some goat soap. I bought these, 2 each, on ETSY but haven't received yet so did I do the right thing for molds? ...perfect for melt and pour soap and work great for hot or cold processed soaps. Because the plastic molds are reusable and flexible, you can make lots of soap bars, which pop out easily... any advice/suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.

Because we sell poultry eggs at our local Farmers Market when it's open for 6 months out of the year, I thought it would be cute if we sold goat-soap eggs too. :-) I've never made any soap so will be a new experience, but I need to be getting my supplies together.


Claire said...

Love the boots! Haven't learned about soap yet, but I love the one with the rooster on it. I hope to do soap in future.

Sharon said...

That is a beautiful picture :) A friend of mine sent me some of the most delightful goat soap. I think you'll enjoy it a lot if you get to do it ;)

Christy said...

I love that second mold! I'll have to look up those boots. I wear standard muck boots but they aren't that comfortable.

Marie said...

And you are one of my favorite photographers as well as one heck of a critter lover:)

Anonymous said...

I love those boots. I have been looking for a good pair.
I have thought of making soap also.
The molds look great. I really like the one with the rooster.
I hope you post it when you make it.
On the chickens hatching...a lot of them were fully formed but didn't break through. A sign of the temp. too cool.
It was cooler at the floor than the top where the eggs are in the tubes, we found out with the new thermometer.
I just hate that they got that far and didn't make it.
Hoping for a good one this weekend, though.
Have a great day.

Amy said...

I can't wait to see what you make with those cute molds. Those boots look very comfy. How hard are they to get on/off? I wear a pair of insulated Sorels that I can slip on/off easily. They're all I wear in the winter, even when I go to town!