Saturday, January 17, 2009

some fresh, some store-bought

Although they've been in deep-freeze conditions, the girls have been laying. I've got some young Ameraucana girls too but no eggs from them yet.

Used three fresh eggs in my German-chocolate cake, and I whipped up some cream-cheese frosting.

At the grocery store, I buy store brands and on-sale items.

I used some of the pork loin in this soup.

Also, got some London Broil on sale.

London Broil, potatoes, carrots and onions.

Store brands below. I save more than pennies.

We like these Bush's Steakhouse beans and they were on sale for $1.79 a can, usually over $2 a can. I don't buy too much frozen stuff because the electricity may go off. Yes, we pay our bill! :-) especially during winter run more of a risk for losing power and I like to stay stocked up in stuff because you never know when we may need to be self sufficient. HotBellyMama had a great post today about stocking up on food and laws, I encourage you to go over and read it although a little scary - ...allow the government to seize all of your hoarded items in the event of an emergency.

As I write this at 5:30PM est, 16 degrees outside, I'm hoping we're slowing climbing out of this deep freeze. We are blessed to be warm, fat, and happy, and try to make keep our animals as comfy and we can too.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Joanna, thanks for sharing. I have changed my grocery store habits recently. Instead of going to the closest grocery store every week, I now go to a big name store (not WM)once a month. I stock up on canned goods and staples, and even though I have a heart attack at the ring up total ($173.00 last week), it keeps my pantry going for a while. I put a young bull in the freezer last fall. He has helped us a lot, and the fee to have him processed was very inexpensive. The meat is very tough, but we know how to make it work. Anyhow...I have runaway lips tonight. :) Again, I'll see what I can drum up for you as far as finding someone to give a class to you and your hubby. I may do it myself someday, but not at this point. I will be happy to tutor, mentor, and answer any questions you might have! You will LOVE it!!! And I am excited that you are going to give it a whirl!

The Scavenger said...

Great bargins!! Gotta love those member cards from the store, saves a lot of money.


Amy said...

I'm with you--store brands and sale items ROCK! Your food looks so yummy. The London broil looks succulent, perfect for this kind of weather. And those are some pretty, speckly eggs! I got 13 eggs from our 14 girls today. I wonder who the slacker is???

Nancy C said...

You are making me hungry. I am happy with my "good buy" this week. Went to FL and found a spiral sliced ham for half price. So...tomorrow is family dinner at my place. We'll have ham with gravey, mashed potatoes, corn, and a caserole. My sister is bringing dessert and my daughter is bringing rolls and drinks. YUM!

Lanny said...

And the problem with your freezer loosing power in sixteen degree weather would be.... that you need to keep it warmer than sixteen?

Just kidding.

Congratulations on the out of season eggs.

Teesa said...

The food looks great! We should have migrated over to your house today to get some.

I did our grocery shopping tonight and found chicken leg quarters on sale for 89 cents a lb. I always buy the meat on sale and then freeze it, but if our electricity is prone to going out, maybe I shouldn't! I didn't know. Thanks for the info.

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

Looks yummy! I'm on my way to join you for supper..hahahaha! All your soups look so yummy.

Mom L said...

Way to go, Joanna! I buy more store brand canned goods now, also. I envy you your fresh eggs! The food you prepared looks great. Nancy