Sunday, January 25, 2009

panasonic, photo's, pinafores, practicing

A couple of folks have asked what kind of camera I use, nothing expensive, and I don't want to mess with interchangable lenses, Panasonic Lumix, there are older and newer models but the Leica lens is the thing.

I want some pinafores, not an apron, not a jumper, but the wraparound pinafore like women used to wear over their dresses. I like this cherry, I was thinking a little longer.

I really like the design and length of this, those pockets could hold a lot of eggs.

Isn't this blue print a beauty? but $70, wasn't thinking that kind of money.

Now this one below, while I appreciate the detail of the work, is a too much for me.

I like the red print on this one.

I have just received a couple of awards. wow, and they said wouldn't amount to anything. If you are over in my blog roll, I pass these honors on to you because I really enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what you are up to each day.

Mike was practicing the show walk and stance with Nougat. No, we don't know what we are doing, goat shows we will be a new experience for us. Just a new fun thing to try.

Today, was not a good day to be bragging on my camera, the sun was very harsh when I was out there, my timing was bad. Not complaining about sunshine! believe me, it was a beautiful day, thank you Lord.

One of my favorite TV shows comes on at 9:00PM tonight - FoodNetWorksUltimate Showdown
going to be hot-and-spicy tonight, I'm excited.
I've got another Sourdough Grandmother Bread rising, about the time my TV show comes on, we'll be eating hot bread with butter. umm-boy!


Twisted Fencepost said...

Those pinafores are alomst as cute as Sweet pea!

Amy said...

You're bringing back memories for me again (goat shows). My grandma wore something similar to what you've posted. I can't say it was a pinafore, but it wasn't an apron either. Kinda in between. I think you could fit a lot of eggs in those pockets too!

Christy said...

The pinafores are really cool. I've been needing something like that. I'll have to make one. Let me know how the goat shows go, we'll be doing that this fall I guess.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I loved the pinafore with the green trim the best. Now I want one. Last time I started a sewing project, over a year ago, it sat out for a year, and I just now put it away. No time. I cannot wait to see what you find, or sew!

Mom L said...

I just want to pick SweetPea up and squeeze her. What an angel. The pinafores bring back memories for me, too - my paternal grandmother (the other one died right after Mom was born) wore one when she baked her wondrous goodies. And my main memories of my great-aunt, who mostly raised my mother, have her dressed in one. She was the farmer's wife in PA; the other was a city woman. I'm sending you separately a photo of my sister taken at TG or Christmas wearing one. Nancy

Alix said...

Fifth photo down... the blue pinafore with the V in the front? To me, that looks like something one of those Fundamentalist LDS (Mormom) women would wear on the compound. I mean, it's great if that's the look you're going for.

Country Girl said...

Great pics regardless of the sun. I like the 2nd and 3rd pinafore best!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great pictures! Thank you for posting what camera you use! If figuring out all the adjustments, etc on my camera doesn't make it take better pictures I might just check one like yours out!