Monday, January 5, 2009


This catalog is my favorite, a seed/poultry combo! what more could you ask for. no hybrids here, just heritage seeds and breeds.

To e-mail your catalog request, Sand Hill Preservation Center include your name and mailing address in the body of the email. Catalogs sent in response to e-mail requests are sent out by bulk rate mail.

The bucks, Nougie and Dud, actually father and son, working on the bark. Interesting that we have maple trees throughout our backyard but this particular tree is the one they like.

The chairs were for Mike and I to sit down there with 'em but the boys have taken over the chairs. MilkDud and Nougat

One of my compost piles, yes, I think it's very photogenic, I stay focused and work hard on my compost piles. You should see the old coffee grounds that I lug home from the office. Whenever I'm working in the kitchen, I always have a bowl on the counter for veggie/fruit trimmings and egg shells. The chickens and goats contribute nitrogen poop to the piles.


Anonymous said...

Composting is a labor of love. I love compost piles and what they represent. I bet the chickens like to dig through it given a chance!

Christy said...

I really haven't gotten into composting yet. I hope to this spring, it seems so complicated to me. The goats in the chairs are adorable.

Mom L said...

MilkDud and Nougat are so very handsome! They look like they belong in "your" chairs.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I have not gotten into composting yet, but it is must in my future. I am going to order a seed catalog now!:)

The Scavenger said...

Thanks for the link, sounds like something I would love to look through and order from. Goats in your chair..I love it. Mine jump up on my four wheeler and stand on the seat. lol Love that compost. It's wonderful that you bring coffee grounds home from work too, that's using all the things around you to better yourself. Good job.


Wrensong Farm said...

I love the goats on the chairs should let Linda over at 7MSN know that Dud has sent her his love in that pic! :)