Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009

For our News Years meal, in the kitchen I made us - baked chicken, BBQ sauce on the side, potato salad, sweet peas, and served a Snapple Noni Berry (sugarfree).
My news Years resolutions are the same as always:
1. lose weight
2. lose weight
3. exercise
4. save money
5. try to be a better friend and neighbor
6. don't bring any more animals home
7. try not to mouth off at work
8. lose more weight
9. be a better inlaw
10. try not to mouth off at home

Stayed cold outside, and our boys found a spot in the sun.

Nougat looking over the fence, watching Mike work.

Nougat standing on his new landscape timbers.

Franklin! get your head out of the grain bag!

yeah turkey, you're a pig!

Franklin get back to your patrolling

RP, Wheaten Marans cockerel sunning

had to poke holes through the ice to get some water

Yuri, Spangled Russian Orloff rooster standing with some standard Ameraucana hens

Yada, Spangled Russian Orloff hen


The Scavenger said...

Those are great pictures. The first one in my favorite, I'm pretty hungry now. lol Happy New year.


Christy said...

No more animals! Say it ain't so, LOL.

Amy said...

Yada is gorgeous! Such a pretty bird. That Franklin sure is a trouble maker, isn't he! I've never seen a bucket hook like that. What does the loop on the top do? I am intrigued.

Nougat looks cute watching Mike over the fence. Goats make some of the best companions.

kristi said...

As a new blogger friend, may I suggest just remove the "don't bring any more animals home"? Its just a pointless statement and since I am getting the hint that your just starting out with your Nigerians, your gonna want more:)LOL Oh, and since you don't have sheep yet, its even more pointless!! Mouthing off at that is one I do on a daily basis, could never give that up!! Great Pictures!!!!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

And let the goat addiction begin...:)Need I say more?

Claire said...

I am totally with Kristi on this one. Forget about not bringing animals home. Sometimes, it's just about the right animal at the right time. Of course, I can say this, having just acquired those two donkeys that I never expected to own...

Oh, and Yada is remarkably beautiful. I must now find a source for Russian Orloff hatching eggs.

Mom L said...

Wow, I never knew chickens could be so beautiful!


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Great pictures and resolutions, except for the not bringing any more animals home, I think those two handsome goat fellows need some more cute girlfriends. Franklin is just too cool, what a neat bird.

Joanna said...

Franklin is like our masthead, the sheriff of the critter lot, we'd have him wearing badge if we could. He follows us around as we do our chores, and has free access to wherever he wants to go. We tell Franklin that he is to look after everybody and make sure they are OK. He and his four girls (Frannie, Annie, Sally and Ally) sleep wherever they feel like it.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Sadly the lose weight thing is taking up a few places on my list too.
Your not mouthing off at work cracked me up.:-0

Don said...

I think your list is perfect, except for the animal thing. The weight loss thing is on my list too. Why do we have so much good stuff to eat around here?

Sharon said...

I enjoyed your list of resolutions lol! The pictures were great too.

Have a blessed day Joanna!