Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Day, snow in Watauga, NC

Snow is to *intensify* this afternoon here in the NW NC Appalachians. I'll likely be taking more photo's tomorrow.

All puffed up, Franklin had some snow on him this morning, but still wanted to show off his tail to me.

a branch of Watauga River

wish that was my barn

my house

crabapple tree and rhododendren in my yard

birdhouses in my yard

the boys staying warm, MilkDud and Nougat, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy bucks

my precious SweetPea, the 3 does don't want to get their feet wet

Is that not the most darling little goat you've ever seen? look at those chubby thighs.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Those are some pretty pictures there.
My horse don't like to get his feet wet either.

Don said...

Your animals all look happy and healthy, but I can see the "I'm getting ready for warm weather" look in their eyes.

I want some of that cake!!!

Sharon said...

Gosh! I have become almost smitten with Sweet Pea, she is the most adorable little goat ever! The others are really cute, but Sweet Pea. . .she has something special going on :)

We're in NC too, but didn't get that snow you have there. I'm not missing it or anything so don't send it my way. . .just sayin' we didn't get any lol!

Stay warm!
Have a blessed evening!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Your goats are so cute, especially sweet pea! Nice pictures but boy it looks cold there!

Alix said...

I'm so jealous I can hardly stand it. What beautiful post card perfect photos. I can't believe they're real! And the snowy landscapes! And the birdhouses! And the goats!! I'm totally having palpitations.

You're so lucky.

Claire said...

Sweet Pea is adorable. I would love to visit her. I think she would love Opal, our ND goat. All your goats are cute though, and your winter wonderland is lovely!

Peggy said...

beautiful snow and adorable animals! We are actually suppose to get snow tonight.. yippeeeeee

Christy said...

Cute goat! Enjoy the snow.

Amy said...

I love that picture of the river, it's very beautiful! I think it's cool how turkey feathers always look like the ends have been snipped off. Franklin sure is a show off! I think he needs a little knit cap to keep his head warm.

Mom L said...

You're only about 75 miles from my sister! I have really envied her snow, and embarassed myself tonight by sending an email to family members saying how excited I was to go outside to find tiny "snow dots" falling in Marietta!! I know Diane and both my sisters (other one is in PA) just sneered at that.

Your pictures are great and Sweet Pea seems to be growing! Can you still snuggle her? That's the important thing.


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Sweet Pea is a beauty! She has personality written all over her.

Country Girl said...

Very nice pictures! Do you keep your bucks seperate? (silly question but I'm new to goats)

Diane L. Dodd said...

it looks like you have more snow than we do!
i love the goats.