Saturday, January 23, 2010

a flaming star, dog biscuits, ice, video

Never thought I'd be recommending an Elvis Presley movie, but FLAMING STAR (1960) is very good. Y'all, after seeing this film, I'm here to announce that Elvis could have been an outstanding dramatic actor.

A serious drama about the tragedies that racist hatred can bring about. It is considered one of the best, if not the best, film Elvis Presley acted in. Elvis plays the part of Pacer Burton, who has a white father and a Native American mother from the Indian tribe Kiowas. The friction between the tribe and the white settlers causes his father to be killed, then his mother. His brother then stays with the settlers, while Pacer chooses to fight with the Kiowa camp - and more troubles follow. Song tracks found in "Flaming Star" include "Flaming Star", "A Cane and A High-Starched Collar".

Throughout, he ain't hard on the eyes at all, plus he can RIDE a horse, this positive review comes from somebody who never was an Elvis fan in his heyday (David Cassidy had my heart), but if you get a chance to watch it, you should.

Barbara, at 3acrehomestead made some dog biscuits and listed the recipe she used, so I gave it a try. In Barbara's photo's, every thing looks so nice and clean at her place as she is making them, but in my kitchen I had flour everywhere, however, the biscuits did turn out cute and passed the taste test by my three pooches. I guess you could go in all sorts of directions with the ingredients, and come out with different varieties. Also, Barbara just rescued a little goat doeling so she's been racking up a lot of points with me so check out her blog.

2 cups of beef or chicken stock.
1 cup of bread flour
2 cups of whole graham flour or whole wheat
1 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of powdered milk
2 teaspoons of yeast
This recipe came with the dog-bone-shaped cutter.
Thursday and Friday were icy and dicey around here, now it's mud city.


Louise said...

Those dog biscuits look pretty good to me. Now, if someone would just create a recipe for cat treats.

I was never an Elvis fan either. But, the Beatles, sigh.

Melodie said...

I always love seeing your goaties!I am going to have to try the biscuit recipe,The Boy would probably like to make them! What we really need is a goat treat recipe!!!!

Foothills Poultry said...

Gabbi is gorgeous.

How can you stand the Guineas? The noise from those things would drive me crazy.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joanne, I just have to tell you that when I first started baking I had flour everywhere. This went on for awhile and it had gotten to the point that I almost stopped baking....LOL...I could not stop making homemade treats so I pulled myself together and worked on perfecting my ablity to not get flour everywhere. It has taken some time but, I am much better now.
I have altered the recipe several times. I had no beef or chicken stock so I used Knorr tomato and chicken stock cubes. In the past I have been out of oatmeal and I have also taken some of my Omega Vitamins (3) pinching them open and squeezing the oil into the ingredients for my dogs to get some omega's. They love these biscuits anyway I make them. For the person who may not have a cookie cutter I have rolled this out in a log shape, cutting them into bite size treats as well.

Thanks for the mention of my blog.

Claire said...

Love the dog bikkies!

We had very similar ice but it has now melted, so I hope yours has too. Well, there is still a lot on the ground, but not on the trees.

Mom L said...

Oh, my! Emma walked all over my keyboard, jumped onto the shelf over the monitor, tried to look behind the monitor, then jumped on my shoulders and walked around on me - all trying to find out where those noisy guineas were!!!

Um, she'd also like me to make kitty treats.

Nancy in Iowa

Life With Dogs said...

Those treats look like they would be a giant hit here!

Vickie said...

Good morning - just now getting around to visiting. Thanks for stopping by about my chicken. Well I guess I'm hooked on getting some more chickens now!

Flaming Star was my favorite Elvis movie, too. He should have done some more serious roles, but hey I guess he was loving the attention of the gals and wowing em with his gyrations, too.

My husband and I went to see Avatar. You'll either love it or hate it. We Loved it. If you like fantasy, 3-d, and long movies, you'll like it. It was well done & the graphics were great. I'd go see it again. AND it was something really different. I think Hollywood is running out of stuff to do. I also think that 3-d is the wave of the near future. I think there are 3 3-d movies coming out this year. Enjoy!

John Gray said...

lovely winter photos....but I hate to say that Elvis wouldn't have won an oscar for

Carol said...

Watched Flaming Star a week or so ago.
I enjoyed your video. I love those little guys.

Callie said...

Morgan would love to have some of those cookies. I'll keep that recipe. Thanks!

Ruralrose said...

I looove your videos. You are so charming and your accent is dear. Wish you were my neighbor I sure do need milk. My dog too went ape whining around the computer looking for your birds when I was watching the video. Was going to send a link on to John in Wales but I see he already knows you. Great group you have going here. Peace

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Do those guineas ever quiet down?? I had at one time considered getting some, but everyone told me how noisy they are...and now I know. lol!

I love seeing your goaties and watching and hearing how affectionate you are with them. They are well loved nd cared for, that's for sure!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And I'm awed by your icy branch photos, especially the close-up. wow!