Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mary Jane, Abigail, & video

Sunday evening 6:45PM 15 degrees. I been reading the latest Mary Jane magazine. One quote in it that I've been repeating to myself - "people may not remember what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

I'm watching Nims Island as I write this blog. A coworker loaned me the DVD because he thought I'd like it because the little girl on the island has animals for friends. I am enjoying it. Abigail Breslin is just darling as usual. Mike's out in the sunroom watching football.

yes, Mike drove my truck down the hill.


Melodie said...

I love Mary Jane's Farm !!!I always get the new one when I go to Tractor Supply.I guess I should just subscribe and save some money!

Carol said...

Thanks for the memories. I used to live and work (outside) in VT, MA, NH....many days like this...I had racehorses and animals force you to get out and "do" no matter the weather.

Alix said...

Your pajama pants are lovely, m'dear. And I love your giggle!

Cabin fever is the worst. The absolute worst. We forget down here in Florida how bad it can get. We complain if a few rain drops keep us inside. I humbly bow to you, Joanna. You have taught me to be more appreciative of our 18 F degree temperatures. It most definitely could be worse! We never did get snow on Saturday, but believe it or not, they got snow in Ocala SOUTH of us. Accumulation!

At any rate, it's still be unseasonably cold, and cold for two weeks. We get our occasional cold day or cold snap, but this arctic bullshit will not go away. And we've been holed up inside pretty much too. No snow and ice to worry about, but what is there to do out in the howling wind? Not a whole lot, so I've been exercising inside and making a LOT of soup.

Thanks for the reminder that it could definitely be a whole lot messier.

Love you. The Guinnea hens are total rock stars. But how is Franklin holding out? Kiss him for me?

Louise said...

Love your goats, and the chickums. Now, here's something ridiculous. My town doesn't allow chickens. I can have 16 turkeys at my bird feeder, and over 19 (I lost count) mallard ducks at the same place, but, I can't keep a couple of chickens. And, I love watching chickens, and eating their wonderful free range eggs.

I'll just have to get my chicken fix through your blog.

John Gray said...

Gerard Butler....swoon!

Foothills Poultry said...

Need more of Gabbi. She is the most adorable.

Are your wheatons going to be separate for breeding pure marans this spring? I may need to take a drive up the hill to buy some eggs.


Country Girl said...

I love Mary Jane's too. Love the quote, I'm going to post as my fb status. Thanks for sharing!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Those naughty goats. Seems like something interesting always happens when you're videotaping. hehe!

I love how your voice just perks up when you talk about your animals, especially the goats. And I was so tickled hearing your little giggle when talking about your jammie pants.
I wear jammy pants to feed my animals, too. :)

Looks like what you guys need for your farm is a tractor with a snow plow to help clear your road as soon as the first bit of snow falls.

Stay safe and warm, Joanna!
And give that hard working helpful hubby a huge hug, too.


Ruralrose said...

This is me in January every year here in Canada. Not this year, hardly any snow and above freezing all month. Wacky weather but I won't complain. Peace