Wednesday, January 27, 2010

secretary, snow, Subway, & stuff

from the previous post about the Board meeting, I'm a Secretary in town, the meeting is not a high-falutin' event actually, I'm not wearing hose and heals to it or anything. Actually, my job description has evolved beyond secretarial duties into quite a few responsibilities, I'm told I need to wear a lot of hats, however, I got to thinking that I don't think I'm getting paid for all that different hat wearing.
I just saw the movie TWILIGHT, yum, I wouldn't kick that vampire out of the bed.
and oh, I was asking about the movie AVATAR, but I found out that there's no 3D around here, just 2D, although some say I should see it anyway but 3D sounds so good.
The weatherman says we've got another double-digit snow coming, arriving sometime Friday. dang. We have nice, mild summers up here but sure pay for them in the winter.
Quiz-` One of Subway's most popular subs is the B.M.T. What do the letters BMT stand for? The "B.M.T." sandwich at Subway was originally named after the "Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit." Consisting of sliced genoa salami, pepperoni, ham. With time, the sub's name has evolved to mean "Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest."

We're hearing a lot about Haiti and the people certainly do need help, however, don't forget about animal relief too.
I have notes and lists going all the time, notes taped to my rear view mirror, and on my computer screen, I even have lists about things I'm supposed to think about, subjects to ponder.

I could use some barn cats, but I have been hesitating getting some because the committment would mean another type of food to buy.
goats get grain, hay, minerals, baking soda.
chickens/turkeys/guineas get grain and scratch.
dogs get dry kibble and bones.
we really don't need any more mouths to feed but hopefully they'd control some small varmits.
Don't forget about when you need to replace eyeglasses, my girlfriend got the frames, progressive lenses, the works, for $65!


Mary Humphrey said...

Joanna, a few days ago I said to my husband, "Can you imagine the animals that need help in Haiti?" Such a sad and desperate situation for all living beings.

Double digit snow? Yuck!!! If it isn't mud this year it is frozen shut barn doors.

Have a good evening.

Louise said...

Joanna, ARCH - the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti - a combined focus group made up of several prominent animal organizations is finally on the ground in Haiti. They, understandably, had to wait because the rescue effort had to occur first.

Here's the URL that will keep you updated.
Poor creatures.

Callie said...

Lists! You are very organized. I would need lists to keep track of my lists. It would be great if dogs and cats could eat the same food, but they can't. We had a cat that almost died because it kept eating the dog food. That free cat cost us over 300 dollars because its kidneys got stopped up.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the last ones cost somewhere in the $500 range.....!! Plus, i wear special made contact lens most of the time....another biggy in the $$$ wallet.....

Stay warm....Just can't wait for the weekend....LOL....stock up..another heavy one on the way...LindaMay

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I can't watch 3D movies. My eyes always start watering and my vision blurs. It's no fun. I'm glad there are options to watch the movie in 2D.

I hear ya on the animal relief, but Haiti isn't New Orleans. Have you ever noticed that you don't see stray dogs or stray cats running around? I know someone who is living there in Haiti and she says that people eat dogs and cats especially when there isn't nothing else to eat. She says that there used to be lots of goats rambling around before the big earthquakes, but now, they are just not around anymore. People are cooking them.

You cracked me up saying "I just saw the movie TWILIGHT, yum, I wouldn't kick that vampire out of the bed."

You're a funny gal!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And that storm you mentioned is arriving here tonight and supposed to dump up to 15" of snow on us here in Eastern and Central New Mexico.
We'll be sure to send it on it's way to you when it's done with us. hehe!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I also have list everywhere. I never thought of the rear view mirror. Good Idea.

I have two outdoor cats for controlling unwanted little critters. I buy the 16 lb bag of Purina which cost 11.99 to 13.99 depending on where you buy it. Sam's has a 18 lb bag for 10.99. That 18lb bag last me a month and sometimes longer if I do not throw the chickens a little. I have the cats on a feeding schedule and must put food up high where dogs cannot get to it.

Thanks for the link on the glasses.

The first time I watched TWILIGHT awhile back I thought to myself WOW, Where did this guy come from. Very nice eye candy.

Alix said...

Yeah, but if your barn cats earn their keep... maybe they'll stay fed on varmints.

Oh! And I hadn't even thought of animal relief in Haiti! I'm going to do a little checking on that and see if I can find an organization to donate to. Know any?

AJ-OAKS said...

I love lists. I make one everyday. You are a very busy gal! Definetly know about the food bill for the animals!

Chicken Boys said...

Avatar in 3D is awesome! I saw it while I was in Orlando. But if you like special effects and such, I would say see it anyway. It's pretty cool. I'd also say go for the cats, but I already have four and wish I was back to my original one, Elvis. I love the three extra ones, but enough is enough!
Good luck!

Mom L said...

Interesting post! As for lists, I make them all the time but forget to look at them!

I'm glad organizations are trying to look after the animals as well as the humans after catastrophic events.

Nancy in (brr - 5 degrees) Iowa

John Gray said...

I love reading a blog which sounds like my life!!

your day sounds like one of mine!!!

Flartus said...

I dunno, I'd almost rather get the double-digit snow than the sleet/frozen rain/snow/sleet and back to rain they're predicting around here.

It's not supposed to freeze until midnight on Friday, and they had already started putting salt on the roads by noon on Thursday! This snowbelt girl is simply amazed.

At least it's arriving on the weekend. Stay cozy!