Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Video Part 1 & 3

Part 2 wouldn't upload

In Part 3 is 7hrs later coming home from work, my mother-in-law is talking to me from her front porch, she wants me to come sit down inside her house, and Mike is calling on the cellphone. I always have to get home to my animals.


Becca's Dirt said...

Glad to know you are OK. I just can't even imagine doing anything in that kind of weather. Here we are expecting some flurries on Thur nite. Tonight the temps will be 15 degrees with a WC factor.

Melodie said...

Glad you are OK !That video is not fair, you left us with a cliff hanger! Just leaving your house is a heart stopping adventure!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Omigosh!! I had my hooves up on the computer desk and I was holding my breath during your slide down the driveway! I'm glad that everything ended up OK after all! Phew!

Alix said...

Oh shit is right! You are insane, Joanna, INSANE!

Hilarious too. Only you would risk life and limb to videotape your collision course with death. But I love you for doing it and can't wait to see part 2.

You did survive, I'm assuming.

LOL. You are a hoot.

PS: It's supposed to be 18 degrees here tonight - and this is Florida. Feel better?

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Stay home tomorrow!!!
It's not worth it......being snowing here all day!! Nothing is sticking 'cause of the wind.....

Be safe.....LindaMay

Shelley said...

Be careful!! You're okay - right? LOL!! And you have just as much snow as we do in northern mich.

DebH said...

Cliff hanger is right!! Did you have to crawl up that hill on your hands and knees? I have the same icy slopes here and I keep switching out my boots to see if they grab better in this stuff. So far I have landed on my hiney 4 times this winter. Today I came skidding down my front porch steps and landed at the bottom on my bottom..hurts less now..as I am getting pretty good at falling. Hope you stayed put when you got there and you have no bruises to show for it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it!
We have a small chance of flurries here Thursday night. We haven't seen snow on the ground around here for years. It stays in North Ga. mainly when and if it ever gets this far south.
I am not a snow person so that suits me.
I am having trouble with video 3 loading but will try again. Can't wait to see video 2.
Be careful and stay warm.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video on my 48 inch LCD HD 1080 tv in full view and felt like I as right there with you. I kept reaching out for you to hold on.....Girl, You are one tuff cookie. Stay warm and Safe.

Mom L said...

OMG, Joanna, are you OK?!! Guess so, or you wouldn't have been able to upload! I was sucking in my breath right along with you. I drove to the airport in Omaha yesterday in minus 18 degrees to get Diane, but today it's a toasty +12 degrees. However, we got 3-4" more snow last night and it's snowing "lightly" again. I haven't fallen yet, but have slipped a couple of times and grabbed a car or doorway. Everything is white as far as I can see.

Be careful!!!

Nancy in Iowa

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

i will never complain of our megre snow falls again!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

OH JOANNA!!!!! You scared me half to death in the first video. My biggest fear with driving is driving in the snow. But I'm such a wimp and I won't even drive when there is any ice on the driveway! I don't have to drive to work every day, though. If I did, I'd probably not live in our mountains. I'm not near as tough or as brave as you!

And that second photo, I just wanted to yell out for you to stop videotaping, even though it sure was an eye-opener seeing what you've been putting up every day with this horrible snowfall there.

My biggest fear now, after falling off my horse last year and severing my ACL is falling! And you did it twice. I almost fainted, Joanna!

You guys really do live way on up there...not an easy place to reach when you get socked in with snow.And then you've got that drop-off on your driveway! egads! That would scare me too much to even attempt driving up or down....4-wheel drive or not!

Oh my goodness, Joanna. I wish you didn't have to travel though that mess and could just stay home with your critters all day. I'm just so worried about you now.

You better try and check in every day or two from now on, ok?
I need to know you're ok, my friend.

Be careful and stay warm,

Alix said...

Oh my God, Joanna... I have to go straight to confession now. I laughed SO HARD at your poor expense. But girl... you just crack me up. Watching your videos is like being there in person.

LOVE the conversation with your neighbor, and the melting snow on the camera lens and your hilarious (albeit scary) tumble.

You need a good pair of cleats if you insist on walking in those slippery conditions. Either that or snow chains on your boots!

Take CARE of yourself, Joanna! Please!

Carol............. said...

Good grief....that must have been a little adrenalin rush!

Love the bedtime story!