Tuesday, January 26, 2010

jam, mudslide video

Like Barbara over at 3 Acre Homestead doesn't have enough going on, she took the time and expense to send me some of her homemade jams. Very thoughtful. Some people are so good although I personally think they are few are far between; I do better with critters than I do humans.

This is our "driveway." On Monday morning, we had a mudslide on our road and I needed to get to work. Nephew had the tractor and Mike is trying to get a head start by shoveling some it.

Now after the thaw, we're returning to cold, snowy, blustery.
Tuesday Hi: 29 Lo: 20 Mostly cloudy; Snow showers tapering to flurries at night; Colder; NW wind 10-20 mph with gusts to 40 mph at night.


Melodie said...

Goodness! When you said you all had nothing but mud you really meant it!!!

Mary Humphrey said...

Oh man, jam with hot biscuits sounds great right now!

I had to keep the goats in the barn for a couple of days due to the mud (now beginning to freeze again), but was lucky to not have to shovel out of the drive! Wow!

I do better with critters sometimes too Joanna. Good to admit to it.

Take care.

Chicken Boys said...

I just returned from a trip to Orlando. 82 degrees on Sunday. Swims in the pool. Not to make you jealous or anything. :)

Louise said...

Oh my! That's some slide. Does it happen often?

We're headed for a cold snap. High of 19 on Friday. I hope we get some snow along with it, to cover up all this brown, dead stuff. Though, I did notice yesterday that one of my daylilies is poking it's head out of the ground. Silly thing.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh my, it's rained for a whole year? ;-). I love your videos. They completely crack me up. BTW, since you didn't send me your address for the Holiday Mail for Heroes prize, can I steal it off here so I can send your cards?

thecrazysheeplady said...

You were one the winners from my Holiday Mail for Heroes post. I posted the next day for everyone to email me, but you must have missed that one. I tried to find an email address for you, but couldn't. Sorry to be clogging your comments here... Will put your cards in the mail tomorrow :-D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna,
The homemade jams looks delicious. That was so nice of Barbara to send those to you!
I know you will enjoy them.

We've had more rain than I can remember since we moved here 15 years ago. But our soil is sandy, we don't have much of the red Georgia clay here. So not a lot of mud.

I hope your weather turns warmer(and dryer) real soon.
Have a great day.

Tammy said...

Yikes, what a mess! It's been the same here. Knee deep in mud with the bottom falling out of everything. It's colder now, and the ground is freezing solid again. Sounds like we will have a nasty spell later this week, with snow or ice. All I can say, most days I'm glad to leave the world of people behind and retreat to my critters. At least I understand them.

Callie said...

These photos remind me of our winters in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mud slides, roads would wash away and boulders fall on the roads. No fun at all. Be safe!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes! From deep snow burying your driveway, to mud slides, and back to freezing temps and more snow....you all are getting slammed this winter!

What kind of work do you do, Joanna, where you get to meet up for stuffy board meetings and all? Sounds pretty fancy. No wonder you weren't out there shoveling the mud to help Mike.
What an awesome, hard-working thoughtful man he is.

What a generous blogger friend to sed you homemae jams. I made a couple batches of peach freezer jam last summer and it was time consuming and hard work. It was worth it, though. So yummy!

Hang in there and I hope you don't have any more mudslides or heavy snow either.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joanna, I hope you enjoy the jams. I love all the flavors. I love it on my dinner biscuits. I save my biscuits for last then it is like having desert. Mike was giving it his best to move the mud out of your way.

Alix said...

You know you're a red neck when you have to go out and shovel mudslides off your drive way, quote unquote."

Oh my god, Joanna. You are so freaking hilarious. I just love you so much. I tell my husband about you and your posts all the time. I even showed him the video of you falling in the snow. We both laughed so hard at your poor expense. I'm sorry. You deserve so much better from us, but thank you for giving us such real snapshots of you and your life. You are something else, woman. And not just funny, but so smart. Your comments are seriously always the best. And just so you know... my statement about the Gators "owning the Carolinas" was directed at you and you didn't disappoint with your come back! You just make my day.

And please tell Mike that we notice how hard he works! I guess he's gotta keep mama happy.

AJ-OAKS said...

That is a lot of mud to have to clean up! Wow!!!
Jam looks yummy! Putting the bread in the toaster right now! lol
Critters love you unconditionally, are honest, never lie, loyal,don't steal, etc....

Mom L said...

Yum - now I wish I had some biscuits to go with my dull, standard issue "no sugar added" jam!!!

No mud here - everything is still frozen; even the snow is frozen in mounds. I had cabin fever Monday and went out in 20 deg. weather with snow flurries to run errands. At least I COULD get out. I hope you gave Mike a really big, warm hug! Too bad you were on your way to work and couldn't pamper him for all his work.

Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Me Again, If I would have known that you were going to take a picture of the jams I would have fancied up the jars and mailed in a pretty box.....giggling

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

As Ruth said....love your accent....it's like chocolate!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

saw your comment on matts blog....
could your hen have a gape parasite?