Wednesday, January 6, 2010

out in the cold a' natural

I always like it when Mike climbs in the bed, 'cause his big body radiates so much heat, however, he's a nightowl, a catnap of 4 maybe 5 hours and he's good to go. The other night,

me - Mike come to bed and warm up my butt.
naked Mike as he is climbing in bed - If you'd take your clothes off you'd stay warmer.
me - yeah, just bet I would, I've heard a lot of lines but...
Mike - In the Boy Scouts, they used to tell us to take off our clothes before we got in the sleeping bag, and then our bodies would warm up the bag.
me - In the Girl Scouts none of us were stripping down and I can tell ya my Daddy would've had none of it.
Mike - I'm just saying, it seemed to work.

At the office, I thought I'd do a little informal research, asking male coworkers, former Boy Scouts and military, about Mike's theory, all chuckled and the group was in agreement that Mike was angling for some hoochie-coochie. However, I kept pondering the whole "Boy Scout" mentality, and now have found some online comments -

My army trainers insisted we sleep naked in our sleeping bags. Having been in the Canadian military playing soldier in -30-40C temperature, this is absolutely true. In fact one should be in the buff. If you wear any clothing, you will sweat into them, rendering them useless and in fact you will get very cold very fast. Your body will insulate the bag. Our bags were rated to -60.

Improvements to sleeping bags using Gortex(TM) are making them even better than they need to be. Anytime you can wick away moisture from your body you will be warmer. I have slept quite comfortably in -40F in an Extreme Cold Weather Bag and nothing but a T-shirt and PT shorts. You can also put your clothes in your bag with you where you are laying on top of them, then you have warm clothes to put on in the morning. We also placed our VB boots in the foot of our bags so as to not be putting "blocks of ice" on our feet in the morning. (make sure they are free of mud/snow/dirt before doing this)

Sleeping in clothing is optional,
some like to sleep in their clothing,
other schools of thought are that your sleeping bag will keep you warm so sleep a’ natural, but you should always wear a stocking cap (a.k.a. ski cap, tuke) to sleep in.

So maybe Mikey was speaking from the BRAIN this time.
Here's the walk home this afternoon.


Alix said...

Looks like Florida!!!!!

Pad, pad, pad... huff, puff, huff, puff, gasp....

I love you, Joanna!

You totally rock the Appalachians! Your adorable drawl and your dedication to your bloggers is unmatched! I could listen to you all day and all night!

How are those snow shoes holding out?

Callie said...

Thank you for the wonderful walk through your beautiful woods and snow. I love listening to your voice! When I was young I used to have a bit of a Texas drawl and I love to listen to people talk who have a southern accent. Thanks for the sleeping bag information. Never know when that might come in handy. Love your barn too!

Anonymous said...

Joanna your the best and Mike is a wonderful husband. I love watching the video's you share with all of us. Please get those boots. Coming to your blog each day and all that you have shared with us I also love you Joanna and I worry about you walking on that slippery ice so please get those ice walking boots. Wishing you and Mike the best and looking forward to your next post.

Melodie said...

Those fellas,you can never tell about them! It is really beautiful there ,stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. That looks like a tough walk through the snow. AND, be careful next to that creek.

Love your blog. Let us know if you get the snow cleats and how they work for you.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Mom L said...

Joanna, I count watching you hike through the snow as MY exercise for the day!!! Snow piled up all around here in SW Iowa, more fell yesterday, but with my cane I have to be careful. I cracked up over your cherry tree story - right. That's a new slant on the old "I ran into a door" story!

Nancy in Iowa

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmmm, as opposed to speaking from his???

I slept in my capri pants and a t-shirt and I actually wa warmer than we I sleep all bundled up. Weird. Of course, I did have several quilts and blankets on top and a down blanket, too.

But I just have to comment on your video.

I wish I could portray to you just how much your post and video made my day. Hearing your voice always makes me smile and today seeing your face was just the cherry on top! You made me laugh and feel like the two of us were just struggling and stumbling up that hill through the snow. I loved it!

Though I do feel a little worried for you, too. That is quite a hike. Even some youngin's who are fitter and stronger would have some trouble with that 'stroll through the snow'.
And then you had to mention the broken ankle and I was relieved when you shut the camera off then. lol!

I would love to listen to you voice the last thing before I went to bed. Wanna read me a story?
I just love it. Your voice is so engaging, sweet like syrup, and funny, even when you're not purposely trying to be funny.
I loved when you called yourself a 'broad' hahah!

What a special person you are to be able to poke fun at yourself.
I just adore you, Joanna!


IsobelleGoLightly said...

I think a nice furry doe goat would be great as a bed warmer, don't you? I'm going to suggest to my lady that I be allowed to come up to the house. I too hope that you get some nice cleats for your shoes so that you can climb that hill more easily!

Jennifer said...

I was just reading an article about surviving in cold weather and while it didn't say to strip down it did say to be very careful of sweating from sleeping in to many clothes. Loved the video!

John Gray said...

I will toss off my woolly socks and extra layers and sleep in the buff tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gawd help me if i need a pee in the night, I''ll freeze!!!

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you how much I love you videos? Probably not adequately. But I love 'em!

flowerweaver said...

Oh my gosh! Your a such a trooper! I love your neck of the woods, but I don't think I could handle your winters. Thanks for sharing the videos of your trek.

Regarding roosters, I know what you mean. I purposely have one for each of the antique breeds I am planning to breed, though. I just never dreamed it would take us so long to get the rest of the coop (rooster and breeding apartments) finished. The worst of our winter sort of ends in February, so maybe Farmer Rick can get back to construction.

Stay warm!

Jennifer said...

Hi Joanna! I love your new blog background. Very cute! Thanks for commenting on my opossum blog.

To answer your question, don't worry we didn't hurt the opossum but I did take away his free buffet! LOL. Besides apparently killing chickens and fighting with cats opossums can carry an organism in their feces that causes Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM), a debilitating neurological disease in horses and since my sister does have her horses here now I decided it is not in the opossum or our best interest to continue to feed or encourage him to hang around. So no harm came to the opossum but the little free loader will have to hunt for his own meals from now on because I am feeding the cats indoors! :-)