Saturday, February 21, 2009

Amigo, pastaless lasanga, potato soup

What kind of goat is this? Look at those ears. His name is Amigo and he's at a rescue shelter 3 hrs away. Mike is keeps fretting over 9- month old Dud not having anyone to play with now that Nougat is gone.
Garland - "Amigo" came to us from animal control after being picked up as a stray. He is very friendly and was obviously someone's pet at one time. He is one of the most handsome goats we've ever seen and likes to "dance" - he stands up on his hind legs to show off but does not head butt people. In fact, all he wants is for you to scratch his ears! Amigo would be a great addition to any herd of friendly horned goats. Amigo was be castrated, vaccinated and dewormed on February 17th and is now available for adoption. His adoption fee is $75.

Mike doesn't want Amigo though, wants a Nigerian buckling approx same age as Dud. Amigo has the same coloring as my Nougie.

Below, I made a pastaless lasanga. Mike liked it but he also likes BurgerKing, so...

I also made a potato soup.


Lanny said...

Ahh what perspective, "liked it but he also likes Burger King" That'll keep a chef humble eh? I Amigo a kinder? I used to have nubians and my daughter had a pygmys and we often toyed with venturing into the kinder concept.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Amigo looks to have some Nigie for sure, but mixed with something else...who knows? Boer? He sure is cute, though. Love the beard and friendly eyes.

Mmmm potatoe soup!

So funny to see your duck measuring cups. I had a set about 6years ago when we lived in SC. I kept them above my stove and the smallest duck's beak was broken off and then reglued. Somehow they got lost during our move back to NM.
Your set looks in great condition.

I've never had pastaless lasagne. What's the point? lol!
Yours looks tasty, though.
(Burger King...bah!)


Alix said...


I'm still mourning for poor Nougie. That last photo of him you posted broke my stinkin heart. I just can't believe he's gone. Did he did or did you have to euthanize? I probably shouldn't be reminding you. I'm sorry. I just feel soooo bad.

On the bright side, Amigo made me smile. What a beauty - and he can be yours for only $75! Tell Mike I said to go for it. He'll listen to me. I know it.

And that gorgeous noodleless lasagna... how is it so high and stable without pasta sheets in between? The potato soup made me drool. Now I have to be satisfied with a celery stick. Thanks.

PS: I love your recommendation about starting a weight loss blog. I wonder if using Weight Watchers info will infringe on copywrite or licensing laws. Hmmmm...

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Amigo is a combination, no doubt about it. At first I thought he was marked like one of my nubian bucks, but then I saw alpine. He is a pretty whether, regardless!

Your dinner looks good.

We are heading to friend's for pizza tonight. Sounds fun to me!

Heidi said...

I think he must be a cross between an nubie/pygmy cross of some sort. Maybe a little boer thrown in there somewhere.... I am thinking about that beautiful soup... I am making beef barley today...

Mom L said...

Amigo is a handsome devil! Well, handsome neutered devil. Maybe Mike will come around.

Potato soup? Is the recipe forthcoming? My Mom used to make it but I never learned, and my own attempts have been less than acceptable.

Maybe the WV is a hint that I should just to to Jersey Mike's for supper - outersub. Nancy

Amy said...

Mmmm! Such yummy looking eats! I see you have saved a bowl of chickie treats too! LOL I know, you compost your scraps. I look at kitchen scraps and instantly think "chook treats"!

I really like your measuring spoons and cups. I'll have to take a picture of my rooster measuring cups so you can see them. I found them on clearance at Gooseberry Patch's website. I bought them strictly for decorating my kitchen.

Amigo looks very different from most goats I've seen. Are you really going to get another buck? I sure wish I had just one dairy goat now. I ordered an ice cream maker yesterday and it would be so nice to have my own supply of goat milk.

Christy said...

Amigo is a cutie! I could really go for some potato soup.

Claire said...

Amigo is very handsome. Luna thinks so too. I think Mike just needs some convincing. The lasagne and soup look great!

Living on the Spit said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I just love being a country girl even though I don't live in the country right now...I will one day though and would love to live in Appalachia!

What a great blog you have going on here...I will definitely be back to visit and yes, othing better than coca cola in real glasses with ice.

Have a blessed day.

d/iowa said...

mike- you are getting verrrrrrrrrrry sleepy. your eyes are heavy. sleep now. when you wake, you will suggest adopting amigo.

ATW said...

Nice site! My wife and I have been flirting with the idea of getting a Nigerian. Im trying to do some research to see how happy he will be with us. My only concern is that I am within city limits and I am not sure what my city considers a pet. It's tough to find anything on the topic. We have a small urban farm going on here and its more than enough room for a small goat to rump around on our land thats secured all they way around by a privacy fence. Hope to get some info soon.