Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baker Seeds & Goat Bamboo

Oh, the Baker Seed Catalog is beautiful, the photo's and illustrations like none I've ever seen.

We cut some bamboo stalks for the 5 goats today, they dig into the leaves like I do to brownies.
When SweetPea is out among the bucks, I keep a watchful eye on her because I don't want the boys to get any bright ideas with her.

I threw a bunch of poop into the compost piles today.

The bucks resting in their pen.

No Diane, that's not an udder back there.


Diane L. Dodd said...

HAHA! that is VERY funny b/c i was wondering if he was sitting on a sock monkey BEFORE i saw your comment. LOL!!!!!!!!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Just look at the sunshine in that photo! I did not know goats loved bamboo...of course, there isn't any bamboo in Ohio. :)

Flartus said...

LOL, you put a picture of poop on your blog! I'm no boy, but sitting on that non-udder like that sure looks uncomfortable. Are boy goats tougher than boy people? (single eyebrow raise)

kristi said...

I got the Baker's catalog a week ago and it is definitely one of the nicest ones I have ever gotten. Seed Savers is also a nice catalog. Love the goat pictures!!!

Claire said...

OMG that comment to Diane just made me snort coffee. TOO funny! Diane is the "udder woman" now. She will never live it down.

I've been reading about bamboo that is hardy to our zone. I'm hooked on trying it this year.

I love Baker Creek's catalogue too, but I get a bit tired of their preaching about GMOs. To me, there is a place for GMOs and a place for no GMOs and people can make their own choices. Sigh.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yesterday was so beautiful....made you want to be outside planning a garden......i was stuck with City Boy getting our taxes done!!! Ugh!

Have a great day....loved the pix of ASU.........LindaMay

Mom L said...

OMG - my daughter mixed up with udders and sock monkeys and boy goat parts!!! On a more serious note, Joanna, your goats are really, really handsome and beautiful!!!