Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AnnaBelle face vs SweetPea face

both give good face

Suzanne at the ChickensInTheRoad has a new baby, AnnaBelle.

SweetPea is still my precious baby.

Nougat, one of our Nigerian bucks, has been sick. I took him to the Vet yesterday, and $110 later, the Doc didn't find anything obvious. Nougat did have a low-grade fever. He's eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing. Nougie is 2 years old and acting like he's a 100. He hides in his house and doesn't want to come out, like he's been spooked, the other goats seem fine. Mike feeds him a super buck diet. Nougie has always been so tame, now he doesn't want us near him, if a chicken moves in an odd way, he jumps like he's scared. We don't have land like y'all do, we have a tall fence around our property, with thick bamboo, not like he was run by a dog/predator or anything. The Doc has us shooting him with an antiflammatory and antibiotic for a few days. Nougie's ears are down and tail is down. This pic was taken a month or so ago when he enjoyed all the attention.
On another subject, beyond my small world from home, I don't comprehend much of anything that goes on especially in the workplace. Not just the Federal government that screws things up but at the State and local levels too. We have META-BOONE which goes around to the community. If I'm griping about work then it's blasting around this small town. No free speech in the workpace.


Deb said...

Oh those sweet faces!!

I'm sorry Nougat isn't feeling well- there's nothing worse than a sick critter. I hope he improves quickly.
If you haven't already, perhaps some goat nutri-drench would help him or just plain molasses and warm water might perk him up some. They love it for sure.
Keep us posted.

Nancy K. said...

I too am hoping that Nougat is back to his 'old self' soon. Poor little guy doesn't sound very happy...

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Sorry to hear Nougat isn't feeling well, maybe some fortified b-complex along with the nutra-drench would help. I would hate to have to choose the cutest face between that lamb and Sweetpea, they are both totally adorable!

Amy said...

Dear Lord! You're trying to kill me with cute!

Claire said...

Well now really, it's like apples to oranges on those sweet faces, but I do have my heart pitter patter just a tiny bit more for Sweet Pea. She really is so precious.