Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday, SuperBowl, Snood, SweetPea

Franklin is tucked in his bed. The only time I don't let he and his 4 hens sleep outside on the fence railings is when we're having extremely cold winds. They pout when we shut 'em up in the chicken coop. Franklin draws in his snood at night.

3 of the 4 Bourbon Red hens. Clara eyes lit up in the background.

All 5 of the Bourbon Reds in the same pic, a first.

All 5 goats got their hooves trimmed today.

SweetPea can't understand why Mike is not paying attention to her, she is pawing at his arm, and he is fussing at me to restrain her while he is trimming Clara's , her Grandma, hooves.

Finally she gets some snuggle time in Mikes lap. Franklin is always close by.

Clara sunning.

The bucks playing top-of-the-mountain. Nougat, on top, is the father of MilkDud.

I was trying to get Nougat to hold his head still, so I let him smell a turkey egg.

Dud and Spec out and about today.

I've got 11 Ameraucana pullets, not egg 1 yet.

Mike is watching the SuperBowl, I like the Clydesdale commercials. Of course, we wish the Carolina Panthers had made it to the final. I fixed some SuperBowl baked potatoes for supper.

Champagne, a retired Salmon Faverolle hen. The silver band on her leg, a NC State Ag inspector comes to my house and checks my birds for disease, swabs the throat and draws blood, the silver band means the bird is disease free of all the BIG diseases, Bird Flu, etc, ones they are not likely to have, I wish they'd test for more routine stuff too.

On the roost is CherryPie, she runs our infirmary. Her sister in the back has had a cold. CherryPie is physically disabled, one leg doesn't work, although she does manage to roost. She's never had a sniffle. During the winter months we keep her up because she has a tough time getting around plus I don't want the roosters bothering her. CherryPie is a sweet little nurse to whomever we put in with her.


Sharon said...

Champagne is a beautiful hen! I think it's so nice that Cherry Pie gets to run the infirmary :) I enjoyed your blog today, as always ;)

Mom L said...

I never knew chickens could have so much personality. I've hatched baby chicks, but didn't keep them. It was something for the nursery school kids to experience, then the chicks went to a farm.

But how I adore your SweetPea!!


Lanny said...

My daughter's turkeys are mad every night as we have way too many climbing critters and coyotes to allow anyone to stay out at night! So tell your turkeys to stop pouting because there are unfortunate turkeys in other parts of this country who have to go to bed inside!

Claire said...

I think Sweet Pea wants to visit Iowa. I have just the place for her to stay! Those hens look like they should drop eggs any day now. I bet they will lay before Stuffin will have her baby!

sugarcreekstuff said...

I love seeing all your animal pics. I never knew that a turkey could draw in his snood, I just learned something new today, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your EE's are lovely. It's been so cold here, we've had to have the heat lamp on constantly for weeks. The EE's have consequently started molting. You know what's under all that fluff? A hanging flap of skin similar to granny's underarms!! lol

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Beautiful pictures! Sweet Pea looks so soft! I trimmed goat hooves the other day too. The other goats are always curious about what is going on, sometimes I think they mock the one that is getting her hooves trimmed.

Alix said...

Damn I love your photos.

Christy said...

I can't wait until my farm is more like your farm!

Crazy Chicken Lady said...

CherryPie sounds like my Phoebe, such a sweet girl. So pretty too.

THOMAS said...

Very nice blog!