Sunday, February 8, 2009

TheWildlifeGardener and 2nd attempt at soap

another one of my favorite books

Mike says he will never forgive me for planting all those hawthorn's, they are very thorny, and eat him up when he mows.

using a recipe from Jennifer at GoatsInTheGarden

Lye - 172 grams
Goat's milk - 425grams (I had to substitute water)
Coconut Oil - 256 grams
Olive Oil - 510 grams
Shortening (Crisco) 368 grams
Safflower oil - 128 grams

cooling the oil

cooling the lye solution

think I'll use rosehips at "trace"

learning to recognize "trace" is the hardest part for me, I hope I got there but don't know.

poured it into a casserole dish lined with parchment paper

this is a batch from Friday night, it is in sort of a dry-mashed-potato state. help! need advice. I put spearmint in this batch. Do ya think it's ruined?


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

If it hasn't set up yet it may not. The only time I have ever had a problem was once when I mixed my lye solution & oils at too cool of a temp. Of course too hot isn't good either when working with milk. I try to get both of them about 100 -115 degrees when I mix them. If it set up OK, it will get harder as it cures but if you feel like the soap is too soft for your taste after it has been out of the mold a few days the next time you can add more oils that make for a harder bar like coconut, palm or even lard. Google soap oil properties and you will find info on the different oils that can be used in soap and what each one contributes. Then you can create your own recipe (or just google soap recipes and you will find tons of them online). Just be sure and run it through a lye calculator.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Mike keeps telling me to put the Friday batch in the oven and bake it. That's not a good idea is it?

Nancy K. said...

At least you tried! I've been wanting to try making soap for ages! The closest I came was making some "melt & pour" and that doesn't count!

One of these days....

Anonymous said...

I want to try soap soon too.
It is interesting to see your experiments. Spearmint sounds soothing.
I hope it sets up.
Good luck.

Christy said...

I'm another one that has wanted to try making soap but haven't gotten around to it yet. Once I have goat milk coming in I won't have any excuses to not try it.

Mom L said...

Ditto what Nancy K said - you ARE trying! I've never even thought about making soap. Hmmm, something else to think about trying!! Good luck! Nancy

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I was in a bit of a hurry when I left my comment but I forgot to say good try, I think that is great that you are learning something new. Even if that one batch didn't turn out, everyone has had a few that didn't turn out the way they wanted but we learn from it and the next one comes out great.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Add water and put it in one of those pump bottles and you'll have liquid soap. I'll buy some!

Peggy said...

We are picking the bride up tomorrow. I can't wait and I know Fred will be very happy to have a turkey hen around for a change instead of chickens.

Sharon said...

Even if this batch fails, keep on trying. Spearmint sounds nice :)

Diane L. Dodd said...

i don't know anything about making soap. but i liked your friend's big 'ole udders :)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

It takes time and patience. You will get to the point where you very seldom toss a batch out.