Thursday, February 19, 2009

do your own mayo? NigerianBreederRusty, NeighborTeesa

I eased back into the world today, went back to work. Went to lunch with the GOG girls {Good Ole Gals}, we always have a lot of laughs.

Certainly appreciate the nice thoughts from everybody about Nougat. Mike even got a call today from a top Nigerian breeder, Rusty Repp of Little Tots Estate, whom we've never met but cetainly know of his reputation. I wish we had called him Monday rather than going to the Vet, we may have been able to pull Nougat through. For $110, the Vet didn't help at all.

Now to the mayo - couple of egg yolks, salt, and some mustard. Slowly, drop by drop, add in the oil. I used safflower.

Andrea, my girlfriend from a couple of counties over, was in town and stopped by so I gave her the dripping-oil job. I was eating pizza while she was doing the dripping. :-)

starting to get creamy

mixed some homemade mayo with hard-boiled eggs

for a sandwich

dessert was brownies, whipped cream, cherries, chocolate sauce. My stomach is made of iron.

Want to brag on my neighbor for a minute. Yesterday was tough with Nougat dying plus I've just been stressed at work. My dear neighbor, Teesa of a Klear Life, sends over, lasanga, tossed salad, and strawberry shortcake. This gal is a great cook so anytime I have the opportunity to dig into to her food it's a thrill. Anyway, I told her that her thoughtfulness sure put a bright light on a dark day. Point is - you sure can't put a price on a wonderful neighbor. She, her husband Bill, and little boy Sam are the best. They've gone to Charlotte tonight to get fingerprinted in preparation for adopting a little girl from China.
Bad news about a girlfriend today, her husband has been having an affair. She's just heartbroken, and they have two kids. Thinking about you D.


Amy said...

Glad you're getting back into the swing of things. I know how hard it is to recover from life's blows. Just hang in there and keep moving forward.

It's nice to have a friend over to do all the work in the kitchen while you stand by and eat pizza. Whenever my mom comes to visit I put her to work. She thinks that I'm showing her how to make things, but really I'm just letting her do the elbow grease part! LOL

I have made two different mayo recipes and both used lemon juice, which I really don't want to taste in my mayo. I have to find a better recipe. If I can find one that tastes pretty darn close to Hellman's then I'll stop buying mayo and make my own from now on. Any suggestions?

I bought an immersion (stick) blender just for making mayo last fall. It's one of the handiest gadgets I've ever had in my kitchen. It's great for making creamed soups too. I haven't used my countertop blender since I got my stick blender.

Love your red KitchenAid by the way!

Flartus said...

Reading this just made me realize that an egg-salad sandwich is really an egg-oil sandwich. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that.

It sure has been an eventful week for you and yours. I think I prefer my sickie week to yours.

Friends of mine just adopted a little girl from Ethiopia in November (they too, came to CLT for fingerprinting). They had a wonderful experience. Best wishes to your own adopters!!

Deborah said...

So sorry to hear about Nougat. I learned fairly early on that vets around here don't know much about goats, and I found a mentor who'd been raising them for 25 years. I called her a LOT the first few years! If you know Rusty, I'm sure he has a wealth of experience to share.

I lost a lot of goats and had a lot of aborted pregnancies because of copper deficiency, and 3 vets refused to give me prescription copper (insisted deficiency was impossible). Going on the advice of breeders, I got copper boluses and haven't had a miscarriage in two breeding seasons now! And (knock on wood) no goats have died this winter either.

Yes, I make my own mayo, and it's delicious! I also make my own buttermilk and mix it with the mayo and spices to make ranch dressing. Yum!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I am terribly sorry for your loss of Nougant, Joanna. I am glad, though, that you had some terrific friends to help you pull through.

Did you say a stomach of iron? I think so. :) Looks and sounds good though!

The Scavenger said...

So sorry to hear about Nougat, we just lost a poodle and I know how you are feeling. It's hard to loose a friend. Now on to that mayo, looks great. I would die for a piece of that brownie though, they are my weakness.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that Nougat didn't make it, Joanna.
It is so nice to have great friends and neighbors.
I think I'll try the homemade mayo, also.
What I'd really like is brownies, whipped cream, cherries, chocolate sauce. I have one of those iron stomachs, too. lol...


sugarcreekstuff said...

I tried making mayo once and it was a bust, how much oil do you use? Yours looks perfect.
In that second pic, just to the left of beautiful Andrea, is a bag I recognize from somewhere. I love that you have it hanging for all to see. ;-)

My word verification is unker, like I've got an unkerin for brownies.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I enjoyed reading about what you are whipping up in your kitchen. I may have to try that some day. :)

Teesa said...

I have a mayo recipe that my grandfather used to make. I should dig it up and try it with some of the amazing eggs you sent over! Thanks again.

We are really blessed to have you and Mike as neighbors, Joanna. You never know who's going to move in next door - we're just glad we moved in next to you. You make it easy to "love my neighbors!"

We just walked in the door from the fingerprinting. It went very well - thanks for your thoughts.