Sunday, February 22, 2009

SundaySnow, Vista vs XP, Helen, Alix blog, mercy killing

Although it snowed last night, and it's cold and breezy outside, I am willing Spring to get here with a new background look.

I give up, I'm going back to XP. I bought this Dell laptop with Vista on 11/24/07 for $700. Summer of '08, it flew to SanFrancisco and back. I just don't like Vista and the laptop has several problems.

Last night on Ebay, I bought two refurbed Compaq laptops with XP for just under $400. Two for a total of $400.

My laptop - battery won't charge, missing a cntl key, several of the keys I have to hit a couple/three times for it to type the letter.

Mike's Toshiba laptop has been a good one but now has streaks on the screen.
Helen ,who I met through my pair of geese HonkyTonk & Tootsie, now has a blog
and she wrote a little something about Mike and I
Hi HELEN, you nut. She lives in the next county over, Ashe.
Alix on her blog, wanted to know what bugged us about our significant others - Mike is always hollering from his computer in the next room for me to get up so he can show me something. 99.9% of the time it is something he is interested in but I could care less. Now, sometimes I get up, and sometimes I don't.
Alix wanted to know if Nougat was euthanized - Mike shot him in the head. I know that sounds shocking to some but it's the best way I have found to put our pets down. Rather than dragging the ill pet to the Vet's office, and me making a dramatic scene of sobbing, the pet gets to die at home and it's a private death for us all. Then the beloved pet is buried in our little cemetary.


Amy said...

We use the same method to put our animals out of their misery. It's not shocking and I actually think it's the most humane method. It takes courage to do it though. I think you and Mike did the kindest thing you could. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Heidi said...

Not shocking at all - it ends it faster for them than sticking a needle in them and have them fear what is going on. A bullet to the head is MUCH faster and they feel nothing. Euthanizing them is not as 'painless' as everyone thinks, in my opinion anyway. I had 1 horse uthanized and I would NEVER NEVER NEVER do it again. She was gasping for air for 3 minute before she died - and was in complete state of fear. Never again.... You guys did the right thing and dont second guess yourselves at all... **hugs to you both**

Flartus said...

Joanne, anyone who's read your blog has to know you'd never do anything less than the best for Nougat. I just feel sorry for Mike; I don't think I'd have the strength to pull the trigger.

I worked for a vet for a little while, and had to assist with a few euthanasia. One thing he told me was he gave the animals a calming drug beforehand if the owner wanted to be there. That way, they were completely oblivious when the fatal drug was administered. Worth it, to me, for those of us without the means (or guts) to do it your way.

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I do not find it shocking at all, Joanna. We do what we have to on our farms.

I like Vista, however, I do occasionally have problems with it and when I ask for the error to be researched I get the canned reply, "There is no known repair at this time."

We purchased an HP PC last year, had to return it after several repairs were made. You just never know when you are buying a lemon, so it seems.

Alix said...

On first blush, shooting an animal does sound barbaric, but Larry assures me it is quick and painless. I think the issue is with US feeling brutal, when it is kindness, empathy and sympathy that brings us to the deed. I understand it, I just don't think I could ever do it. Larry had to shoot a puppy once that was dying from heartworms. The poor thing was bleeding from every oriface and was suffering. One quick shot later and it was put out of it's misery. But just the thought of shooting a puppy. What's next Larry? Colicky babies?

Just kidding. I have to yank Larry's chain every chance I get. It's my duty as his wife.

Anyway, thanks for your candid explanation of the process. I know it wasn't easy for you. And I know Nougat was your baby. Please know I grieve along with you. Any decisions on Amigo?

Mom L said...

It is never easy to let a beloved animal go, no matter the method. But you were so right to do it the best way for Nougat.

How is Milk Dud coping?

Nancy in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Not shocking at all Joanna, to those who've lived the farm life. Hope you are doing okay. xoxox

sugarcreekstuff said...

My sister had to put her aging horse down and that was how the professional did it.
We all could see from your words and pics that you and Mike loved that sweet goat.

Claire said...

Oh Joanna, I have the EXACT same problem with Kelly and his computer, hollering at me to come and look at something. First he does it when I'm not near the office room, so I have to come rushing from wherever I was just to hear him in the first place, and then I find out I did that for this entirely time-wasting thing on his computer screen that does not interest me in the slightest. You would think, after doing this several hundred times, they would begin to have a concept of what we do (or do not) find interesting, wouldn't you? Sigh...